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What is Mega Fans?
Mega Fans is a community that hosts fan clubs for models, popular web girls, and social media influencers. Each fan club is made up of one or all of the following sections: photo sets, videos, archived shows (if the model chooses to webcam), diaries, Snapchats, and a store. Each model, may additionally sell content on demand, meaning a user may purchase an individual photo set or video, for example.
How do I access a fan club?
Once you've subscribed, simply return to the model's fan club, and you will have complete access. Access is granted on a monthly basis, so if you'd like to continue to access your favorite model's fan club, just join and that's it.
How do I cancel a fan club?
If you'd like to cancel a subscription, you may do so here.
What's a credit?
A credit is what you use to purchase anything on Mega Fans. $1 equals one credit. We like to keep it simple. Credits are purchased by depositing funds into your account.
Can I use my credits on other SNR Productions websites?
Yes! You can use the same login on Mega.Fans to access your credits on CamWithHer.com and ICGirls.com.
I purchased a fan club but I can't see the model's Snapchat. Why not?
Snapchat subscriptions are not bundled with fan clubs. They are separate purchases.
How much is a fan club?
Each model can set their own rates, so it will vary from model to model. Prices range from $10 to $70.
How do I become a model and get my own fan club?
Please fill out our model application.
I purchased on demand content. How do I view it?
Once you made an on demand purchase, you may view it in your Purchased section. After your first purchase, you will notice a new link appear in the navigation menu. Your newly purchased content will be available whenever you return to the site.
Why are all the thumbnails blurred? I can't see anything.
We blur all thumbnails from models who may display NSFW content. You may view these thumbnails by logging in and clicking on a thumbnail (or you may change the setting in your profile).
What do I do if my question isn't answered here?
Feel free to visit our support site open 24/7.